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Our aim is to provide an exceptional standard of accountancy services so that our clients can concentrate what they do best – running their own business.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and accurate service that clients can depend upon.

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ICAEW Chartered Accountant
Over 15 years of experience
Fresh outlook and modern approach
Customer focused
Friendly and approachable

Straight Up Accountancy Fees

  • Pick from our comprehensive list of services and only pay for the services that you have selected. You won't pay for services that are built-in to your fee but add little value to your business.
  • We keep our overheads to a minimum and use the latest advancements in technology to help us work efficiently and effectively. These savings are passed onto you.
  • Flexible payment options are available - spread your costs over the year by direct debit or simply pay as you go.
  • Fees are always agreed up front and fixed for the year so you know where you stand.
  • Fees are all inclusive: there are no extra charges for short letters, dealing with HMRC or telephone calls.
  • Great value for money for the level of service offered.

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